Green Paper Leaf Stems
Soft Green paper leaves
soft green paper leaves
bright green paper leaves
bright green paper leaves
Dark Green paper Leaves
dark green paper leaves

Green Paper Leaf Stems

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These green paper leaf stems are the perfect addition to your paper flower stems!  Leaves are made of premium card stock.  When grouped together with our paper flower stems you have a complete beautiful bouquet that is sure to impress!

Each paper leaf is approximately 4 inches long.  Once on the stem, they are about 12 inches.  There are 2 different styles of leaves  These leaves come in either a dark green, bright green, or soft green paper with a variety of the 2 styles.


This is for the leaves only.  The paper flowers are not included.

The paper leaves are made of card stock.  While they are as sturdy as we can make them, they need to be handled carefully.

Due to being handmade, they may vary slightly from the photos.