Orange Orchard Paper Flowers
Orange Orchard Paper Flowers

Orange Orchard Paper Flowers

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This set of handmade orange blossom paper flowers are made from premium double sided scrapbook paper. The flower bundle consists of a variety of colors for the flower lover. The paper flowers are completely handmade, so each one is unique!

This set of paper flowers includes 8 handmade flowers. This set of flowers work great together while creating your own display. Use them on your mantle, display them on a tiered tray, string them on a garland, or use them as gift bows. With these beautiful paper flowers the possibilities are endless. The completed flowers are approximately 3 inches.

The colors of the Orange Orchard Paper Flowers include:

-Light Green





*Tiered tray and other decor are for display purposes only. These flowers are very sturdy and hold up extremely well as you use and reuse your handmade paper flowers.