Be grateful for the Journey

Katie and Emily Family

Almost four years ago Katie and I started this business. Its crazy to look back and see all that we have done and how we have grown. We started out as a small Etsy shop with no clue what we were doing except that we wanted to give O' Sweet Goodness a try. At the time paper flowers were just a small part of our shop. It makes me chuckle to think how different our shop looks now. 

Katie and Emily Laughing

Fast forward a few years and we have grown so much! We now own our own storefront as we try to spread happiness through all our paper flower goodness. We have been able to "meet" and collaborate with so many amazing maker friends. And we are learning everyday how we can share joy through our shop. 

But with every adventure changes are always on the horizon. After almost four years of working along beside my sister (which was the best decision ever by the way) it is time for me to embrace a new path and a new adventure. This decision has not come easy, but has taken many months and tons of conversations with my sister to decide what to do next. Luckily for me, Katie has been there cheering me on and helping me make these tough decisions. But being a mama to three little ones, a baby boy coming in a couple of months, renovating our entire house, and possibly homeschooling next year I have been needing and wanting to slow things down in my life and focus on my family.  

I have always loved this quote by Margorie Pay Hinckley...

“As you create a home don’t get distracted with a lot of things that have no meaning for you or your family. Don’t dwell on your failures, but think of your successes. Have joy in your children…. Be grateful for the journey.”

It is something that I strive for. To not be distracted by the little things, but to have joy in my children and in my journey. So its time that I once again lightened my load so that I can focus on being there for my family... and maybe painting more walls, lol!

But this is not the end of O' Sweet Goodness! Katie is here running the show and coming up with amazing ideas and designs. I am sad to say good bye but I can't wait to see where Katie goes with this business and to cheer her on. 

The biggest problem I am going to have is that when I still call her everyday for hours on end I have no real excuse to tell my husband, haha! She really is the best!

So thanks for making this such a fun adventure for me. I am excited to see what awaits me in the coming years... cause let's be real, I can't sit still for long, lol!

So if you want to follow along with our renovation, get baby updates, homeschool craziness, and all other adventures we go on, make sure to follow me on instagram @emilyhonsvick  Now I am off to go play with my kiddos... and maybe go and learn how to put some board and batten on my walls :) !

Love you all!


Emily's Family

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