Favorite Things: Tools Of The Trade

Tools of the trade

It's not uncommon for us to be asked about our process and the items we use in our business.  So, today we want to share a few of the tools we use every day as we make our paper flowers.  These are simple tools and things that most people have at home anyways.   When we first started our shop, we didn't have cutting machines...we used our trusty scissors.  So, if there's one thing we can emphasize is that you don't need to spend a lot of money and have fancy equipment to learn something new!


Tools of the trade

We've always had a love/hate relationship with glue guns.  They always worked great, but the drips and glue strings drove us bananas! Then, we heard about this Surebonder glue gun and now we'll never use anything else!  It has a fine point tip, it doesn't drip, and with a lot of practice we don't have near as many glue strings these days.  Be sure to buy the Surebonder glue sticks too...not all glue guns and glue sticks are created equally!  We buy ours at Hobby Lobby and use a 40% off coupon but you can get all of this on Surebonder's website as well.  

And in case you're wondering, Surebonder doesn't know who we are or that we're sharing this.  We just love their product! 

Other than a good pair of scissors, these skewers and that pink gel pen are my most used items!  When I first started making paper flowers, I needed to find a way to curl paper.  This old gel pen is perfect for when I need a slight curl and that wood skewer is my favorite for a tighter curl.  

That skewer is as old as our business and I'm so proud of all the hours it has logged as I've practiced and learned to make paper flowers!

I know these are random, but when you're learning something new just search your house for items that can help you accomplish a task!  

Tools of the trade

The biggest thing I could encourage you to do if you want to learn something new is to just start!  You don't necessarily need the latest and greatest equipment. You just need to begin and practice, practice, and practice some more.  There's no better tool than experience.  And that comes with time and learning what works for you!  We're constantly trying new things.  Some work better than others but we're always moving forward.  
So if nothing else, we hope you try something new!  Jump in and start!  And tell us if you do, so we can cheer each other along!


  • Katie@OSweetGoodness

    Hi Jane! I would suggest looking on Pinterest for ideas or templates. We’ve created our own templates that we use.

  • Jane

    Which type flower would you suggest to start with and are there templates to use either to be cut by hand or cricut?

  • Katie @OSweetGoodness

    Thanks Barb! We are just always on the hunt for fun paper! We find them online but mostly at our local craft stores!

  • LoriAnn Esposito

    I’d love to know what brand of paper you use and where you get it. I am having a hard time finding paper for flowers.

  • Barb

    Your paper is beautiful what brands do you use?

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