Girl, Stop Apologizing

Okay guys, this summer has been going by so fast! We have been loving spending time with family and going on crazy adventures. We have gone through California, Utah, and Idaho and have enjoyed swimming, playing, and eating all the yummy food. This past month has been the best and sadly it is coming to an end. We are headed home to Ohio next week and I am pretending that real life doesn’t need to start back up soon. Haha! Needless to say our little blog has been pushed to the side as we enjoyed some family time. But now we are back and I can’t wait to catch up with you all. First up last months book! Girl, Stop Apologizing! 

Reading "Girl, Stop Apologizing"

Guys, dare I say, but I liked this book even more then Girl, Wash your Face? It is so good! I had so many moments of “yes! That is so me!” Or “right, I can totally relate!” Or several “oops, I am totally doing that.” Honestly I feel like this book was written for me right now. And I feel like several other women probably feel the same way. 

Rachel Hollis separates her book into three sections. 

1. Excuses to let go of.

2. Behaviors to adopt

3. Skills to acquire

There are so many things I would love to talk about but I am going to limit it to one thing I loved/ learned from each section. Ready? Let’s go!

First up- Excuse 3: I don’t have time...

Man, this section is gold. How many times I have told my husband lately that I just don’t have enough time to do everything that I want to do?! I always have a running list of tasks I want to accomplish or dreams I have for my business and personal life. So many times the list seems to get longer faster than I can accomplish anything. But I have been thinking of my time all wrong! I loved when Rachel says in her book “ Girl, the question is never, Do you have enough time? The question is, How are you using the time you have?”

Lets think about that for a moment. I love to go out dinner with friends, binge watch Psych, have date nights, bake all the goodies, but if my dreams are so important, can't I give just one extra hour a day to them instead of watching that extra episode? So often I forget that I am in charge of my time and it's up to me to decide how to use it. I can always say no, and I shouldn't feel guilty about it. 

Girl, Stop Apologizing

Second up- Behavior 2: Choose one dream and go all in. 

Okay so I am terrible at this. I am constantly dreaming and scheming of new ideas. Ask Katie and she can probably tell you of at least five crazy ideas that I recently told her. While coming up with great ideas can be a good thing, it can also make succeeding in any one thing difficult. 

"When everything is important, nothing is important...This amazing thing happens when you start to grow in one area of your life: other areas improve with it. If you drop a handful of pebbles into a lake, you'll move the water around a bit. If you drop a boulder into a lake- meaning, if you put all your energy into one area- the impact is incredible. The ripple effects of that choice spread out in all direction. 

So I am trying to not get distracted but stay focused on what I really want to achieve. 

Which leads us to the last point- Skill 4: Effectiveness

This chapter describes me to the smallest detail. I have written so many to do lists and they are all so long and never get all done. But I love Rachel Hollis idea of making a result list instead of a to- do list. She said, "If I don't write down the results that I'm looking for first, my brain can't help me ask the right questions to get me closer to my actual goal... That daily results list should never be longer than five bullet points."

Girl, Stop Apologizing

Man. I loved this. So often my list is so long that I just do the tasks that are easy just so I can say I did something lol! But that never leads me to my end goal. So I am trying to change my ways and become more effective with my time and my daily tasks. 


I could go on all day talking about this book. But I want to hear from you! Have you read it? Did you love it? What was your favorite parts?

If you haven't read it, don't waste any more time and go and check it out. It is definitely worth every minute. 

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