Oldie but Goodies Movies

This past week my niece came to stay with us before she headed off to college. It was seriously so fun. We made yummy food, went house hunting, watched lots of Psych, and stayed up late talking about life. Man, it was just a good visit. But something happened that I couldn't believe. We were talking about favorite movies and I couldn't believe what I was hearing!  My niece had not seen so many classic movies! Of course we had to remedy this misfortune. Ha!

So, I went to you all on instagram for ideas on movies that were a must see and you did not disappoint. You all helped me come up with a movie list that is pure gold and I just had to share with you my top favorites.

Watching movies with my daughhters 

Oldie but Goodie Movies

  1. You've Got Mail
  2. Little Women
  3. Runaway Bride
  4. That Thing You Do
  5. While You Were Sleeping
  6. Steel Magnolias
  7. An Affair to Remember
  8. Monkey Business 
  9. Sabrina
  10. Charade
  11. Man who knew too little
  12. How to Steal a Million 
  13. Sound of Music
  14. The Quiet Man
  15. Pride and Prejudice (the BBC version)

Needless to say we made several trips to the library and had some late movie nights. And while we didn't get through the whole list, my niece's life was made a little better by watching a handful of these amazing movies. Haha! Do you have a favorite movie that you think is just a classic? Let us know which ones are your favorites. And if you haven't seen these movies yet, then it must be time for a fun movie night! 

 An Affaire to remember movie

P.s There were so many other movies mentioned here are some other great movies that people thought of.

  • Goonies
  • Sweet Home Alabama
  • My Best Friends Wedding
  • Grese
  • Sixteen Candles
  • Pretty Women
  • Meet me in St. Louis
  • Some kind of Wonderful
  • Sleepless in Seattle


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