Paper Flower Clips

Paper Flower Clips

If you love these paper flower clips as much as we do, you’ll love these fun ways to use them this holiday season!  Whether you buy them for Christmas or use them all year, these flowers are the perfect way to add some fun detail to your home decor and gifts!

So, today we’re sharing with you our 5 favorite ways to use our paper flower clips!


 Use a Paper Flower Clip as a Napkin Ring


1.  Up Your Place Setting Game!

Flower clips are the perfect budget friendly way to create a unique look to Christmas Dinner, family dinner, or a date night in. With a little bit of twine and a flower clip, this simple place setting turns into a custom, one of a kind look that is sure to impress!

Whether you use cloth napkins or paper napkins, this look is simple to create and it makes your dinner look extra special!

2. Christmas Tree Ornaments

I have a mini Christmas Tree in my daughter’s room and I always feel like I struggle finding cute ornaments that are inexpensive and are not glass.  #toddlermomproblems

The first time I put these flower clips in her little tree I knew I had found exactly what I was looking for!  They are easy to clip in, they’re durable, and so easy for me to trade out when I want a new look! 

I love it so much I put some in our main Christmas Tree too!

Use our paper clips as ornaments for a mini tree

Our paper clips make the perfect bows for any gift.

3. Gift Wrapping

I love gift wrapping at Christmas…especially when I can coordinate my paper and gift wrapping supplies!  I’ve been known to spend too many hours surrounded with wrapping paper and curling ribbon watching a Christmas movie… please say I’m not the only one!

These flower clips are the perfect way to easily add some detail to my gifts and cards!  They’re such a simple way to add a little something extra that coordinates with the paper I have picked out.  They also double as a bonus gift to the person receiving the gift!  And who doesn’t love that!?!  As much as I love twine and ribbon, it just gets thrown away each year, but these flowers will be kept and reused, which I love!

4. Transform A Simple Ornament Into A Custom Ornament

Seriously, this is the easiest DIY ever!  Just take any ornament…like this simple white bulb ornament and clip a flower to the top!  And just like that you have a one of a kind ornament that will look amazing on your Christmas Tree!

Add a little something extra to a ornament with our paper flower clips
Our paper flower clips make the easiest garland or card holder.

5.  Make A Garland or Christmas Card Holder

I saved my favorite for last!  I never know the best way to display the Christmas cards and photos I get this time of year.  I’ve never bought a display specifically for them and now I don’t have to!  All you need is some ribbon or twine and some flower clips.  Hang these anywhere that works in your home and instant cuteness!  They adjust and fit exactly the way you want them to and they’re easy to use each year!


 We hope you love these ideas!  They’re ways I really love to use these flower clips in my home!  And if you think of some other way to use them, I would love to hear from you!

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