These Is My Words: The Diary Of Sarah Agnes Prine

These is My Words book club book

One thing I love is a good book. One that gives me all the feels and takes me on a journey. And These Is My Words did just that. Now if you haven't read this book before stop right now...go to Amazon and do yourself a the book! It was that good! 

Now I have to admit when Katie first lent me this book a few years ago I put it at the bottom of my pile. I wasn't sure I wanted to read a book about life in the territories. The other books Katie gave me looked way more exciting. But, I am a fast reader and the handful of books she lent me quickly dwindled down until it was only this book left.

I remember telling myself I would give it a couple of chapters before I would call it quits. Those couple of chapters quickly turned into binge reading the whole book through the night (I have issues reading super late, especially when visiting family knowing that they will help me with my kiddos and let me sleep in haha!) That day I fell in love with this book and kicked myself for not starting it first.

So when we decided to start this book club, I just knew that These Is My Words had to make the list.

The book is written in a diary format so you get to know the main character, Sarah Prine, so well. At first she is a young girl ,who has never had a education, heading out on a new journey with her family. Her father, who wants to explore somewhere new, convinces the family to move to Arizona. Along the way so many terrible things happen. Things that not only shaped Sarah but showed us how strong and courageous she is. But their destination was not their stopping point. They ended up joining up with a small wagon train to head back to a place that they had passed. It was there that Sarah met Captain Jack Elliot, a man she both despised and admired. 

During this time Sarah comes across a wagon full of books and is able to keep them all. Her she begins to learn about everything under the sun and slowly starts to educate herself.

Once her and her family get resettled, Sarah goes through life learning about love, loss, standing up for herself, and learning to not let life get her down. There are moments when you want to reach out and warn her not to make some hasty decision.  There are moments when you want to laugh, cry, and your heart aches along with hers. Like I said this book gives you all the feels. 

I don't want to give too much away. The best part of reading a book for the first time is to let the plot carry you with it. So, do yourself a favor and go and read this book. You wont regret it. And if you have read this book, drop us a line in the comments below letting us know if you loved it as much as we did. 


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